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One Team, One Family, One Fight

What We Do

 EAP Services

  • Marriage, family and relationship problems
  • Alcohol and drug abuse and co-dependency issues
  • Emotional, psychological and psychiatric problems
  • Physical concerns
  • Legal problems
  • Financial and credit problems
  • Work-related issues
  • Performance coaching

REACT is a corporate development training program designed to assess the organization as a whole and tailor leadership curriculum specific to opportunities. This is a meaningful coaching program that reform the social contract and establish trust, accountability and autonomy.


We offer top notch professionalism around the clock 24/7 for our clients. Employees and direct family members can take full advantage of our services. We maintain the utmost privacy and confidentiality for beneficiaries.

We offer a dynamic 360 degree performance evaluation system called REACT Evaluation Performance System (R.E.P.S.). This premium means of data collection allows leaders to evaluate talent within the organization and maximize return on investment. Our team of professionals analyze the data and develop comprehensive reports using assessment #1 Personal Client Assessment (PCA), Assessment #2 Leadership Quality Assessment (LQA), and assessment #3 PCA 2.0 Heartbeat. We work with our clients to offer best practices that develop and deliver custom training to enhance the soft skills of your employees.