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R. E. P. S.

REACT Evaluation Performance System

Personal Client Assessment (PCA)

This is the initial assessment to deploy into the workforce. The sole purpose is to gather valued data on the employee to gain a deeper perspective. This tool aids business leaders to a meritocratic environment of on-boarding, personal development, career development, recruitment, employee competence, job profile, talent profile, and equal employment survey.

Leadership Quality Assessment (LQA)

This assessment is a peer evaluation tool to determine leadership qualities. You have the option to maintain anonymity or to direct your communication to your peer. It helps organizations focus efforts on people placement, succession management, succession slate, succession risks, and performance potential. This assessment aligns your organization with the basics of algorithmic decision-making.

PCA 2.0 Heartbeat 

This assessment is a tool to help business leaders focus efforts on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The purpose is to develop an annual Diversity & Inclusion Report to Board of Directors, Shareholders, and Diversity Committee. This tool is done anonymously by employee base. The intention is to complete a heartbeat check of the organization at a minimum of 3 times per year.


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