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What Do We Offer?

Business Coaching

Harness the Power of Momentum to Change the Way Business is Done Today. This service is to inspire and create momentum in companies.

R.E.A.C.T Program

This program offers powerful personal transformation and business transformation. In particular, the Innovation led coaching is one of the most powerful formulas for rapid learning & skill development.


We, at Makarios Developments, aim to intertwine business and pleasure to create an atmosphere of trust suitable for growth. The tangible and intangible benefits of this program outweigh risk and deliver a confident workforce that has the presence of creativity and loyalty.

REACT Evaluation Performance System

R.E.P.S. is a three assessment evaluation system designed to align talent with strategic goals. We evaluate each team member belonging to the company. Building winning cultures is the architectural objective. Lead your industry in onboarding, people placement, career development, leadership training, succession management, and diversity & conclusion. Allow our team to outsource your evaluation system at an average cost of 0.321% of payroll.

Who Am I?

As a Performance Coach, I bring extensive knowledge in the area of team building and data quality. For 13 years I’ve trained combat-ready warriors, mentored military leaders, developed tiger teams and crafted culture. I’m intensely competent in the art of communication.

As the founder of the REACT Program, we are confident in re-engineering your culture. I focus heavily on teams, systems, and infrastructure. With our top wellness programs, we not only meet employee expectations, but we give you a marketing message that garners a reputation of “BEST PLACE TO WORK.”

How I can benefit you…
– Give your employees new perspectives and ownership in your organization
– Certifications that spearhead growth in organizational community
– Integration of family-friendly practices that create loyalty and dependability
– Offer a holistic approach to real-time employee feedback
– Employee branding that takes your product/service to next levels

Topics I specialize in:
~ REACT Program
~ Certifications
~ Training
~ Employee Benefits
~ Diversity & Inclusion

Demetrius Office

Demetrius Office


What Do They Say About Us?

Professional veteran owned business second to none. R-E-A-C-T and K.I.S.S. are backbones to business in America.

Kris White

Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton

Demetrius Office is the definition of “Self starter.” His entrepreneurial spirit and passion to serve others is second to none. He finds success in everything he puts his hands on and embodies all the qualities of a hard worker. I currently serve with Demetrius as an Advisor to the Salvation Army of Enid and I’ve learned that his time and talents are just as equally served to charitable organizations as they are to his business endeavors. Demetrius brings an unmatched energy to any group he is apart of. He always has my vote for anything!

Kegan Tuohy

Credit Analyst, NBC Oklahoma

Demetrius is the perfect example of transformational leadership. I am currently a doctoral candidate in the field of Organizational Leadership, and I am thoroughly impressed with his ability to go into a business and create a culture that fosters employee loyalty and satisfaction. His level of dedication and passion can not be matched. When he takes on a client, he embraces their organization and becomes part of the team. He understands that he must become part of the team in order to identify issues that might be difficult for others to see. Demetrius and his REACT system are worth the investment. He will train your employees how to be leaders and how to motivate and uplift other employees. It can create a culture that makes employees happy to come to work again. Get the best out of your employees by creating a passion for their career. As a Master of Education in Adult Education Management, I have spent a lot of time studying ways to train and educate adults and REACT incorporates the necessary elements to reach each and every employee. Demetrius will leave an impact on your organization and create the much-needed leaders that you need.

Candace Reim

Leadership Council - Instructor/Sponsor, Northwestern Oklahoma State University

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